The Little Things

When we sat down to talk about what our wedding would be like we quickly realised the most important thing for both of us was that it was personal. We wanted it to really reflect us and for the day to be enjoyable and memorable for everyone. Being me (Jenna) I have stressed about and over thought every detail, one day while I was talking about the backstory of the beautiful paper we had chosen for the invitations I commented that it was sad no one would know how all the rich details of our wedding originated. And so an idea was born, Casey suggested I create this page, in order to showcase The Little Things.

The Invitations
Being a graphic designer one of the most important aspects (and most exciting) has been the invitations. I have been lucky, both my mother and Casey understood how important this was for me and so they let me indulge. And indulgence to a print designer means letterpress! For those who are unfamiliar with letterpress it refers to a style of printing where the letters are pressed into the paper. It’s an ancient technique which today is a considered a craft, producing elegant and beautiful results both visually and texturally. I started by getting quotes from every letterpress company I could find (seriously, twelve of them) and eagerly awaited the paper samples. When they arrived I showed them to every person who would sit still long enough. I’m not sure anyone else was as excited about them as I was but they tried to feign interest, some better than others.

We decided on Artisan Press in Byron Bay. They have beautiful old Heidelberg presses from the 1950s and Wayne Davis’ attention to detail is magnificent. He was even lovely enough to take photos of the invitations in production! Mum and I spent a lovely morning there discussing printing techniques and inks with Wayne while he gave us a small tour and explained the process they use today which is an artful mix of old and new. The paper the invitations were printed on is a beautiful Italian cotton stock, Magnani Acquerello in 550gsm. The mill that produces these papers, Cartiera Magnani, has been doing so since 1404 and has produced the paper used for the social stationery for many European royal families and dignitaries. Needless to say they turned out beautifully and I can’t stop looking at them. I think I’m in love.

The Meet The Bridal Party Clipboards
Given that my bridesmaids are from all over the world and my extended family has no idea who Casey’s groomsmen are, we wanted to give all our guests a taste of who our bridal party is and thought the best way to do this was to let them speak for themselves. So we got them to fill out a questionnaire (which can be seen here). Casey made these beautiful clipboards to display the full length questionnaires and they’ll be available to read throughout the wedding. They’re well worth it as we have a very funny and insightful bridal party. I think my favourite is the moment Casey and Jackie met in bed.

The Favours
About two years ago our beautiful and talented bridesmaid/photographer, Jessica Sofranko, sent me a photo of a wedding she had just shot that had lovely little succulents as the wedding favours. Casey commented that it was a great idea and if we started now we could probably grow them in time. And so began the succulent propagating and the jar collecting! We have grown most of them ourselves with notable help from my grandfather who has supplied a fair amount. We also had dozens of people donate jars so we have a lovely collection of different shapes and sizes. We also (madly) decided it would be a great idea to glass etch each of them. They’ve turned out beautiful and hope each guest can take them home and keep them as a reminder of our love. (You get the whole love/growing/plant metaphor, right? I don’t need to go into that do I?)

The Table Numbers
By far the craziest and also my personal favourite idea we had for the wedding was to cross stitch the table numbers. As an avid cross stitcher (I’m practicing to be a grandma, I’m think I’m going to be great at it by the time I get there) one night I thought to myself (possibly during a moment of complete insanity) “Wouldn’t cross stitching all the table numbers look stunning?” And while I was right I think I probably bit off more than I could chew. I got them all done with a few helpers (thanks Mum, Mel and Binx!) but mostly with the help of my phenomenal fiancé, Casey. We spent a few days of our christmas holiday binge watching all the Harry Potter movies and making our way through most of the table numbers. All that said I couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out! I can’t stop looking at them. The question is now what do I do with them, we’re going to have to incorporate them into our home someway!

The Signage
Speaking of slave labour… we are also lucky enough to feature some beautiful hand-painted signage by one of the groomsmen, Henry. I cannot thank him enough for his painstakingly detailed work, they look stunning.

The Hearts
When we were first engaged we went to Maleny to visit a venue, the venue wasn’t successful but the day trip was lovely. We went through a market where we met the lovely couple who own Pallet Life. A company that specialises in turning old pallets into new furniture and homewares. There I saw these beautiful hearts and knew I had to incorporate them into our wedding. So I ordered oh I don’t know 70 of them and they have turned into the most divine table decorations. There’s a lesson in there somewhere about serendipity…

The Wedding Photos
Our wedding day isn’t just about us. It’s about our family and friends. Having you all share this day where we celebrate our love and commitment to each other is very important to us. As part of that we thought it would lovely to include some wedding photos of our parents and grandparents on their special days. So we gathered some beautiful photos of their weddings and they will be displayed in one of the sitting rooms.

The Bunting
One of the most beautiful touches from our engagement party that I’m sure you’ll all recognise at the wedding is the fabulous bunting my Nana, Joy Moir, made. There is over 100m of it and she cut out over 1000 triangles to make it. It was a pretty incredible feat and it looks amazing.  I can’t thank her enough for her talent, effort and time.

The Pyjamas
Now that my grandma was already answering the phone with “This is your slave, how can I help you?” I figured I may as well keep going… Bridesmaid/photographer extraordinaire, Jessica Sofranko, and I were having what had become our regular wedding planning session, I talked to her while I drove to work at 8am while she edited photos at 2pm in her home office, in California. This particular day we were discussing getting ready outfits, something cute and comfy to wear while we get ready on the day. I thought robes were a bit “done” and liked the idea of pyjamas but I wasn’t sure. Then Jess got it! She had a vision of the girls in purple pyjamas and me in white, all with polka dots. She found the fabric and sent it to me from the USA and my darling slave Nana whipped up the most adorable PJs for us all! What she will do with all her free time after my wedding I just don’t know.