About Us


How we met…

We met at a St Patrick’s Day party that Rebecca Stapleton threw. She had told me there was a guy there from work she thought I would like. – Jenna

Describe the other person…

Casey is my best friend. He is steadfast, sweet and giving.
Jenna is my muse. She makes everyday an adventure.

The engagement…

It was the least secret engagement ever. We wanted our engagement to reflect two people making a decision together. We went ring shopping as a couple and Casey let me design my dream ring!  By the time the ring was made, just about everyone knew it was happening. The actual proposal was just what I’d always wanted: intimate, personal and amidst everyday life. We had just arrived home from our first overseas trip together and there in the middle of half unpacked suitcases Casey asked, “Will you make me the happiest Casey in the world?” It was perfect. – Jenna




March 17 – We met
June 30 – We said “I love you”


January 19 – We moved in together
June 14 – We adopted Henry, our helpful kitty


February 13 – The proposal
April 12 – The engagement party (To see some photos of the party click here)


May 16 – The wedding! (To see photos click here)